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We celebrated some very special people recently - my sister and brother-in-law with their soon-to-be-born little one! We are so excited to meet Baby Smith and couldn't be more happy with how their "Baby Shower Happy Hour" turned out!

Here are some of the items and vendors we used:

1. Obviously we worked with Pavi's Creations for the food and obviously she was the star of the show! It was absolutely gorgeous - a work of art really - and everyone at the party thoroughly enjoyed and commented on how amazing it was!

2. Next isn't really a vendor, but more of an [awesome] idea - we really splurged with having Pavi's Creations cater but wanted to have a little dessert station provided so we came up with the idea of doing an "Anna's Cravings" station (since most of her cravings have been sweet!) It turned out so cute and was great for guests to help themselves throughout the afternoon.

3. Good ol' TJ's came through with the most perfect and simple greenery and of course I had a blast putting together all the floral arrangements!

4. I wanted to keep most of the decorations simple - we had white tablecloths already so I just bought some balloons, a cute sign, and some game cards on Amazon!

4. Last, we did a really easy rental for the tables, chairs, patio heater, etc. through our local Aba Daba. I thought the price was fairly reasonable and definitely worked for what we needed!

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