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Spring sprung over the weekend and you know what that means...SPRING CLEANING!!

I know I might be the odd one out here, but I LOVE cleaning. It creates an opportunity to get rid of stuff you don't use and make your space more functional (on top of getting rid of all the germies)

I have closely followed @gocleanco for awhile now and have implemented a lot of their systems into my own home, and they just released a 6-week long Spring cleaning program (free to download) which will ALSO enter you into a drawing to win $$$ (get paid to clean my own house? DEAL.)

I started with our main bathroom this weekend, and it got me to thinking...(uh oh)

Awhile back I asked your feedback on what you'd like to see more of this year from Aspen + Veda and I got a lot of you asking to see deals/where I like to shop/what finds I love. So what if I create a series on this blog of doing just that?

Since I think there is a handful of us that love this cleaning/organizing craze, I decided this would be the first post: my favorite cleaning + organizing finds! Listed below, not necessarily in order:

1. The Dyson Vacuum: Yes it's an investment, but I LOVE this thing. It comes with a couple different attachments and makes it so I can literally reach anything, anywhere. You have to constantly be holding onto the trigger to keep it on which is different from most other vacuums, but you get used to it fairly quickly.

2. Then there's this little baby: that's right, a mop attachment for your Dyson vacuum. I'll be real with you - #TikTokmademedoit - but holyholy this was a GAME CHANGER! I will say that the top part where it looks like you would put in solution actually doesn't do I guess it's just for looks haha, but honestly it was worth the $$ to be able to use my vacuum as a mop too!

3. Folex: If you're like me, and you love your upholstered furniture and rugs just as much as you love your pets (jk but am I really?), this is a MUST-HAVE. It gets literally any stain out of literally anything.

4. [Not just a] Bar Keeper's Friend: For kitchen + bathroom stains, this is like magic in a bottle. I've used this on my pots and pans that have gotten the really bad build-up and they become like NEW (with a little elbow grease).

5. Powdered TIDE: Mix this with water and you can clean just about anything in your home (floors, laundry, surfaces, etc.). I also have been obsessed with the white sneaker trend and so this is a LIFE SAVER to make my kicks look brand new all the time! Powdered Tide, Water, and Bleach creates a disinfecting solution you can also use in the bathrooms! If you're trying to save money on cleaning supplies or don't like to have a lot of cleaning supplies or just don't like cleaning, at least get yourself some powdered TIDE.

6. Reusable gloves: After touching powdered TIDE + water solution on your skin once, you'll never want to touch it again so reusable gloves are a must! I love these ones, but you can find cheaper ones at Target!

7. Microfiber Towels: I used to use paper towels when I cleaned (cringe). Now I use these microfiber towels for everyyyything (and they've actually doubled as a dog toy lol).

8. Hyacinth Storage Bins: Any bin will do, but a bin is KEY in keeping things de-cluttered and feeling organized. I still like to go through these bins about 2-4 times a year, but it makes cleaning the cabinets/shelves these are on SO much easier since that's a more frequent occurrence.

9. Filing Bins: I know a lot of us have online billing and rarely get paper mail/bills anymore, but for the papers that you need to keep and don't have drawers for: these are the sleekest and cheapest ones I have found! I love the white acrylic that makes them really easy to keep clean and label as I'd like to. I have about 10 of them that I've organized to keep important paperwork and they're just big enough to keep about a year or two's worth of bills before I need to declutter again!

10. A Candle: the best part of cleaning or organizing is finding a cute + yummy smelling candle to make you feel good about accomplishing all that hard work! I recently did my seasonal trip to Bath + Body Works and found this new Lemon Cake Pop candle that smells AMAZING. I'm normally not a 'food-scented' candle person, but this is sooo good.

Did you find this helpful or were intrigued in anyway? Let me know!

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