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So I'm starting a new thing, but also sticking to our weekly Finds + Favorites Post...introducing a new type of Finds + Favorites! The Color Coordination Finds. This post will occur every so often and feature a generic paint color that I give coordinating items for a room to hopefully inspire you in your own homes!

This weeks' color is lavender - I recently got my nails painted this color and have been so inspired by it! I'm not usually a purple lover, but I can get on board with a light and airy lavender!

Let's dive into the product!

1. Art can make a huge difference when it comes to the paint scheme of your space (or your home as a whole). I love this landscape from Juniper Print Shop (of course) since it has just little strokes of lavender, but also brings in many other colors to help the lavender become the base color of the space.

2. Since Lavender is definitely a cooler color, I love the contrast that bringing in some warmth provides especially with the walnut wood finish on this bed frame from Article. The spindles play on a vintage aesthetic, but the straight lines of the bed as a whole retain a modern style.

3. You know I went straight to my favorite Amazon rug brand - Loloi II for the perfect coordinating area rug. I love this Skye Collection rug in Grey/Apricot since it both emphasizes the lavender tone and brings out some warmth. Literally the perfect rug for this color palette!

4. I feel like a lot of people might skip over this element, but door hardware can make a massive difference in the overall feel of the space. I wanted to play off of the old-school feel of the bed with these square-plated brushed brass door knobs! A little on the pricey side, but worth it. Hardware truly is the jewelry of a room!

5. If you have the space, adding any type of seating in your bedroom creates a luxury/up-scale feel (but only if you can avoid the urge to pile laundry on it). I love this White Sheepskin chair from TOV Furniture and honestly could see myself cozying up in it to read a good book on a lazy Sunday!

6. You know I have to add in some lighting, and I'm so in love with these PLUG-IN sconces (yes PLUG. IN.!!) Why am I so excited about a plug-in sconce? Because it can go literally anywhere in anyone's space. Don't get me wrong - if we can hardwire it, um yes please, but that's not always available or the case for everyone so I love finding a gem like this one!

I also want to say thank you to those who participated in my polling this week on these weekly Finds + Favorites posts! I'm hoping you're enjoying these as much as I am! I wanted to note that on these Color Coordination posts, I have started to use more items that are from brands that aren't as well-known, and therefore aren't necessarily set up with the Like.To.Know.It program. So, if you're interested in any of these products, please don't hesitate to reach out to me as I can help you with the ordering process! Thank you!

I appreciate your engagement on my socials and support of my content! Follow me on IG:

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