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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This project was twice the normal fun because not only did it turn out GORGEOUS but it was also one of my BEST friends' home!

I also don't normally get to visit my E-Design clients' projects so I got lucky on this for sure!

While there are so many elements of this living room that we loved, the items in this weeks' Finds + Favorites really made a huge difference when we added them to the space. Let's jump in!

1. Sooo I could pretty much start and end this blog with these mirrors from Pottery Barn. They are so gorgeous with the little bit of antiquing around the edges and made the room feel so much more elevated and actually even larger than it already is. They're a little pricey, but SO worth it.

2. This table lamp from Target is so simple but adds the perfect amount of flare and texture to really be quite the statement piece. It comes in both white and gray to allow for it to work in any space.

3. This project really needed some warmth with a lot of cool grays and blues being the main color scheme, and this coffee table was the perfect piece to do that with. The dark walnut finish still looks elevated while also creating the much-needed contrast to the whites, grays, and blues seen throughout the space. I love the round shape as well - with a lot of rectangular forms it brings a softness that helps to really 'round' out the room!

4. The perfect accessory for this client was a CANDY JAR to add to a cute coffee table tray moment (this client is the queen of candy). It can really be perfect for anyone wanting to add a little color and height to an accessorized spot. We found the one in her home at Home Goods but this one is super similar. While we filled hers with lemon drops, feel free to get creative and fill a jar with your favorite sweets!

5. It was AMAZING how the pillows we found TRANSFORMED how the space felt. We went to a local home store and found some one-off pillows, but this abstract leopard print and this gray patterned lumbar look very similar to what we found and we LOVED how they paired together!

6. Last but not least, my client already had some cute faux floral arrangements, but we also found another taller faux greenery in a vase that helped to add some height and color variation in the corner with her two lounge chairs. Never underestimate the power of a faux's really the easiest go-to to help a space look styled and purposeful. I love this one from West Elm as a comparable option, but you can usually also find good ones at Home Goods!

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