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We love to save stockings for last on Christmas morning because they really are just the 'cherry on top!'

I love them because it's usually filled with all those little things that you need but forget to buy all the time - for me that's things like bobby pins, Chapstick, hair bands, socks, etc. as well as things like candy, Starbucks gift cards, and sometimes even a bonus gift (Santa left a Kindle in there one year!)

I decided to create a go-to stocking stuffer list to help you remember all those little things that we need but often forget to buy for this this Christmas season!

1. Tiles: For any of us that often say 'where did I put my *insert item here*'

2. Chapstick: It's like a drink of water for your lips!

3. Playing Cards: The Parks Project ones help protect and enhance our parklands and Five Crowns was our favorite game we played this year - an oldie but a goodie!

4. Hair Accessories: hair bands, head bands, bobby pins, we need more all the time!

5. Socks: when was the last time you got rid of the same socks you wore in high school?

6. Undies: really hoping I don't need to ask the same question, but you never know....

7. Candy: any and all kinds are welcome!

8. Hand Lotion: we all need it right now.

9. Gift Cards: Starbs is my fave if you were wondering!

10. Essential Oils: to help.

That should get you started at least! Everyone loves the basics! Happy shopping!

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