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Yes, you read that correctly.

It is honestly shocking how much home furniture and decor you can find on Home Depot's website AND how on trend and affordable it all is!

So on this week's Finds + Favorites, I'm showing you a tiny tiny amount of the cute things you can find!

1. The lighting selections in-store honestly have deterred me from thinking Home Depot could ever stock something remotely pretty; HOWEVER, I am eating my words after seeing SO MANY cute options online like this industrial style swivel wall sconce!

2. Wallpaper has made a come-back and I'm here to tell you it has and will 'stick' around for awhile. It's like getting a piece of art that just covers the whole wall! The Property Brothers has a collection and I FELL IN LOVE with this gorgeous print!

3. So I have been on the hunt for dining chairs - for clients and for myself - and I'm really into this twist on a traditional spindle chair! Its an especially great option for a small space solution!

4. Speaking of dining rooms, I've always loved a round dining table - everyone has an equal seat at the table and they fit better in smaller spaces. This one in a walnut finish adds warmth and a nice update to any space!

5. I can't not show you an area rug - since we're kinda doing a dining room theme this week I had to show you one of my favorite options for an area rug in these spaces. Anything with a natural fiber is usually a great option for a space that might get messy (i.e. a dining room or entryway). I love this one because it comes in a bunch of colors and is a square shape (perfect for under a round able!!)

6. Floor length mirrors don't get enough credit - they don't have to be just for in your closet! They can be a great option as wall art especially in spaces that you want to make feel bigger than it actually is. I love this sleek paneled mirror and it's honestly really reasonably priced for the size that it is!

7. I always say that a faux plant is the best accessory! If you have anything at all, at least have some greenery to finish off a space to make it feel welcoming. I love this medium size faux eucalyptus option. It can go anywhere from a bathroom counter to a built-in bookcase!

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