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Hi there! My name is Katie - and this is Aspen + Veda.

First I want to thank you for joining me! I know there are so many people out there trying to do exactly this - start their own business, have a side hustle, whatever you want to call it - and so I'm very appreciative that you're here, reading and looking at what I have to share!

Aspen + Veda started as a simple Instagram account used as a creative outlet for my hand-lettering. Soon after, I started an Etsy shop and later morphed it into a some-what Interior Design business. Honestly, it hasn't (yet) turned into what I planned or hoped it would, but at the same time, it's accomplished everything I've wanted. I've been able to be creative, inspired, and share with a community things that I love - lettering, design, and decor.

So where does the name come from? That requires a bit of a backstory...

My husband, Max, and I went to college at the University of Wyoming (we are originally both from California and have been together since right before our senior year of high school started). We both were studying engineering and Max was on track to graduate a semester before me, in December of 2015. At the beginning of 2015, I was starting to anticipate and "nudge" him towards a proposal (at that point we would have been together over 4 years) and on April 18th he popped the question in a beautiful Wyoming state park called Vedauwoo (pronounced 'Veda-voo').

We loved this spot near our college town of Laramie! The trail-head of our favorite hike has a grove of aspen trees, one of which we had been marking for every anniversary that we'd been together. He proposed to me next to our tree (the one sticking out of his back in the picture lol) with my sister and closest friends hiding in the bushes nearby! It was the best!

Once we were both graduated, we got married in June 2016 and added the cutest fur-baby to the mix. We of course had to name her 'Veda Voo Vogt'!

If you haven't already put the pieces together, aspen trees and 'Veda-voos' are very near and dear to my heart, so the name Aspen + Veda seemed only fitting for a business that I wanted to create as a reflection of my truest self.

Really the point of this for me is that I just want to have fun doing what I love and sharing it with people as I go. My creativity changes it's expression pretty often, so you will definitely see my lettering, design ideas, and decor diy's, but you might also even see recipes, cleaning and organizing how-to's, or even just pictures of that cute pup all grown up!

I just want to be a place of inspiration to you and I want to build a community of us that appreciates being inspired!

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