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If you know me, you know I love a good organization post. A lot of you really wanted to see more of these, so ask and you shall receive!


1. About twice a year, I'll go through our clothes and bring a few bags to consignment and donate the rest. I've sloowwwlllyy been switching out our hangers from the plastic white ones that break SUPER easily to these pretty + sturdy wood ones from target. Not only do they hold anything you put on them but they're so pretty too! We don't have closet doors in any of our bedrooms so making the closet pretty in any way I can makes a huge difference!

2. You may have remembered when I updated my spice drawers and these are the jars I used from Ikea. I like to hand-letter in my spare time so I made all the labels and love that I can stick measurement spoons into them to easily get the amount I need! I also like that Ikea sells replacement rubber gaskets!

3. I'm not a huge tea/coffee drinker, but when I do have the craving for it I love to have options! So I found this tea organizer for my coffee bar drawer and I LOVE it. It's the simple things in life, am I right?

4. Speaking of tea/coffee, I like to have options for my coffee flavor as well, so I bought these jars from Sur La Table. I again created labels for the flavors and there ya have it!

5. I love how these tiered stands help to showcase/display items stored in a cupboard or a deep shelf. I use these for my essential oils and not only does it now become aesthetically pleasing, but I can see all the ones I have at a time instead of sifting through a pile of them! I have a white plastic one in my home, but love this acrylic option from Amazon!

6. This next item is on my wish list, but I've bought them for friends + family as gifts and everyone has loved it! The stackable jewelry box collection from The Container Store is so amazing - they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes (i.e. for your home, for traveling, etc.) and for anyone who wears jewelry, it's so nice to be able to have easy access to see everything you have!

7. The last item is still in the organizational category - a desk calendar! I found this so helpful since I've been working from home for the majority of the last year (and now it looks like it'll be that way more so into the future too!). I love having a big calendar right on my worksurface to write down everything. This one from Rifle Paper Co. is perfect size and, of course, you know I love the look!

I'll be showing you these items in my home in my stories this week, so if you want to see them in action tune in!

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