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I don't have a patio yet, but when I'll be filled with pretty items like these!

It's important to include your outdoor space as part of your home - it should have just as much attention as the rest of the house especially if you're spending a lot of time outside! If you're not spending a lot of time outside (but want to) creating an intentional design and including items that you love will provide the motivation to start getting that Vitamin D!

1. Furniture is a must, and I love these cute woven chairs! This is a popular look for interior chairs so the fact that Target has these that are outdoor-rated is amazing!

2. We recently visited some friends who had this AMAZING portable outdoor pizza kitchen - with all the right ingredients these pizzas were BOMB and only needed a small surface to be placed on. The pizza's were done in like 30 seconds! This will be a must when we get our backyard done in 203942039 years!

3. My family loves games, and during the summer bocce ball is a must-play for us! I love this adorable set from World Market (for a pretty inexpensive price!)

4. If you're in Sunny (and scorching) California, shade is so important to incorporate in the backyard if you don't have natural shade from trees + greenery. My favorite solution is a good ol' umbrella, because they come in such pretty designs like this one, and it's fairly inexpensive to update from summer to summer if you like to go bold with different colors!

5. Last, but not least, you know I love my area rugs! Adding one under your outdoor dining table completely transforms the space and gives it an immediate upscale vibe! This neutral striped one from Boutique Rugs can work for almost any home!

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