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Probably one of the most asked questions is 'where can I find the perfect sofa?' Well because the world of furniture can be extremely overwhelming, I've narrowed it down to three brands you just can't go wrong with in this weeks Finds + Favorites.

1. The first brand has had a great rep for a long time: Article. They are sold purely online, which I know, can feel a little risky... but they have TONS of reviews and even a lot of bloggers have written about their experiences. I personally have this exact sofa in my living room which we bought in 2019 and we all love it (including our active goldendoodle who is allowed on it and probably sits on it more than we do!) I don't think you can go wrong with any of their options - it just depends on the needs of your family and space - so this is usually my go-to recommendation!

2. The second brand I love is West Elm. What's great about this brand is you can actually go to a West Elm in person to test out some of their pieces to get a sense of the sit and feel of their sofas. You can also usually choose from a lot of different fabrics to best suit your needs. They have great style and also have pretty good reviews. I don't personally own a West Elm piece (except for our upholstered headboard - which I love!), but I love their options and feel confident in recommending their products to any client!

3. Lastly, I've heard really great things about Interior Define. You can take their sofas and customize A LOT about each piece to get it to fit the needs of your space. Their website also does really great rendering to help visualize what your custom piece will look like. You can also order fabric samples to really make sure you'll love what you buy. I think when it comes time for a new sofa, I'll be heading here for sure!

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