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We made it!!! Summer is finally here again! After living through the Pandemic it feels like (literally) years since I could go outside and enjoy summertime activities with friends and family!

Since we just reached the official first day of summer this week, I did some digging to curate the perfect summer decor finds!

1. Finding new pillow covers for each season is one of the easiest and least expensive options to 'update' a space. I love shopping on Etsy, particularly at LinenAndIvory, and think this yellow striped one, this white basketweave, and this navy and white patterned lumbar complement each other so well!

2. What says summer more than some fresh florals in a bright colored vase? I love this pink arched one from Amazon! The shape is so unique, and even without flowers in it can make a statement on your shelf or countertop!

3. I've been getting a lot of inquiries lately on artwork - I LOVE this cute little floral framed canvas from Target. It adds a perfect pop of color and the combination of colors can really go in any neutral space! Plus the size is great for a update to a gallery wall!

4. Adding greenery to a space, as I've mentioned many a time, is the best way breath some life into a space. I love the thought of switching out your greenery to match the season, and this faux Yucca plant from World Market is a great option (especially for the price!)

5. Lastly, my family is HUGE on game night, and I'd have to say that Mexican Train is one of our favorites (if not the top favorite)! Why not grab a cute set like this colorful one from Mark + Graham that can double as a coffee table accent?! Yes, please!

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