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Alrightyyyyyy - Studio McGee just released their Fall Refresh items through their line with Threshold at Target and I'm in love (per usual).

I had to squeeze these items onto this tiny little square because there's so many, so let's just dive right in!!

1. I love a decorative ladder and this slim metal one is something that can go in every space. It's truly a modern take on a classic farmhouse accessory, and I love how it adds that sense of comfort and functionality to a room!

2. It was pretty hard to choose just one rug from this batch of new ones, but I love how this rug is both colorful and neutral! If I didn't just get a new rug for my living room, this would be going in there faster than you can spell C-U-T-E.

3. I loooove using a square coffee table with a sectional sofa, so if that's you run, don't walk, to snag this gorgeous black wooden coffee table. Again, it's a great transitional piece if you're trying to modernize your space little by little!

4. You know I wouldn't let a chance go by to talk about some greenery - I love this faux branch in a cute ceramic pot! Making a big statement with a faux plant like this is really trendy right now and I'm all about's a simple piece that makes a huge statement!

5. This. Floor. Mirror. That's all.

6. This table lamp is so classic and timeless - I can totally envision it on an entry console table, adding the perfect ambient lighting! It could also add a very upscale feel to any nightstand or end table!

7. Last but not least is this gorgeous upholstered barrel chair in this beautiful muted terracotta color. If you're wanting to create a cozy nook or add a luxurious feel to your space, look no further! I haven't personally sat in them, but I can just imagine sinking down into it, can't you?!

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