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Several weekends ago we FINALLY finished the I find myself spending a lot of time in my comfy electric recliner and staring at the space we created for Sadie to grow up in. I just can't wait for her to get here so we can use it all! I'm so happy with how it turned out and wanted to share some of my favorite finds with you here. You can also head to my Like.To.Know.It page to find links to allllll the product used in the nursery!

From my baby shower post, you know that Max chose the theme "Outerspace" and we ran with it for all things Sadie! Here are the items that I think really pulled the theme to life in a unique and non-cliché way:

1. OBVIOUSLY the wallpaper is what truly makes this room sing. We absolutely loooove the design. The quality, on the other hand, (and I'm very sad to say this) not the best. We've walked into this room on several occasions now where the wallpaper has fallen down or separated so you can see gaps in between the pieces. We will admit, we do have textured walls underneath and our insulation in our house overall isn't the best, especially with the extreme heat we have in Sacramento. These factors could be contributing to the adhesive not sticking properly, but either way we're somewhat disappointed. To be honest, we'll probably update this room for baby #2 (down the road*** lol) or when Sadie is a toddler, so we're just going to live with it for the time being. So it's not that I wouldn't recommend this wallpaper, because it could've been our walls or our installation process that messed it up, but I'm also not super impressed! The design is just so dang cute though!

2. Next is the star-shaped lightbulb. I considered getting a couple to make a cluster of these above the nursing chair, but we already are using almost every outlet in the room so I narrowed it down to the one...and I absolutely love how unique it is! I also used this socket pendant. This brand on Amazon makes other uniquely shaped bulbs so you can find something for every space!

3. Next are these Brighton storage bins from Target. I love the leather handles and I've found them to be on sale more often than they are not in the last few months so definitely snag them while they're so cheap! The quality is great and I'm using them everywhere in her nursery.

4. Next up is this adorable rocket ship lamp. I was actually gifted this, but found it (or at least a similar one) here. It's the perfect little night light and is actually Max's favorite part of the room!

5. These hangers were one of the first things I bought - I knew we were going to build out the closet to be part of the space so I wanted everything to still have a certain level of aesthetic to it. These hangers are just so dang cute, will definitely grow with her as they're still pretty substantial and I love that they're also space-saving!

6. I absolutely cannot wait to read books with Sadie, it's probably one of the things I'm most excited about doing with her! I knew I wanted to create a real library for her so I snagged these adorable floating book shelves to create a fun library wall for some of her books.

7. Last, but not least, this area rug was the last to show up but once we put it in the space it made everything come together. The colors are perfect and I'm so happy with how it turned out! It's really durable and is from one of my favorite brands. It's pretty cushiony, not the softest, but not super rough either. I wanted something that will last and I'm so happy with this purchase!

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