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I absolutely LOVED working on this project for a recent E-Design client who needed to create an office space in her home that she was excited to be in! As an entrepreneur herself, I wanted it to be elevated, but still really comfortable and functional for what she needed.

She had already purchased a rug and a desk, so I suggested the rest through her purchase of my Basic Room Design Package - this will give her the perfect guide to know what to look for while she shops on her own! I do have to say the pieces selected for this weeks' Finds + Favorites are neutral and perfect for any space!

1. First is the art - I love this abstract piece by, of course, Juniper Print Shop. The best part about it is you can just purchase a digital download and find your own frame, print to the size you want and it just became the easiest DIY ever (not to mention a really easy item to switch out when you want to refresh!)

2. This client really loved wood + black paired together, so with her previously purchased wood desk, I found the perfect black metal desk lamp to add the ambiance of the space (with enough overhead lighting, this doesn't have to necessarily be 'task' light).

3. Accessories really do help level up a space, and I love these weathered jug vases - they bring in a perfect amount of warmth to an otherwise very gray, black, + white aesthetic and I love the 'hand-crafted' vibe they give off!

4. I think storage is essential for any workspace, but instead of getting a big, bulky desk with drawers opt for separate storage in a form such as this one from Ikea. I love the combination of both panel cabinet doors and glass cabinet doors. Having supplies that can be 'displayed' keeps you organized, but I won't deny that an office needs a space you can 'hide things away', making this cabinet the perfect piece for any space.

5. Last for this space was the desk chair - I think it's SO COOL to have a desk chair that's comfortable, but also cute. This one from Target has the really trendy sherpa fabric that adds the perfect 'comfy' touch!

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