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Wanting to go the extra mile with your home? Now you can with The Neat Freak Co. X Aspen + Veda Whole Home Services!

The Neat Freak Co. and Aspen + Veda were destined to collaborate when we both realized we were the missing link to each others' businesses. Creating beautiful and functional spaces go hand-in-hand, so naturally we wanted to provide our clients with all the options to create a holistic design for your space.

So we give you...the dream team!

Aspen + Veda will work exclusively with The Neat Freak Co. to combine any E-Design or Interior Design service along with the professional organization service needed for your space. As a thank you for choosing to work with both of us, we will include a small discount to your Whole Home Services!

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Shelby and Katie met through Instagram and became immediate friends...when you know, you just know! Our vibes, aesthetics, business practices, and love for our respective jobs aligned so perfectly that we pretty immediately knew we wanted to create something unique and something that we've noticed is missing in our respective fields. 

When hiring both our teams for your space, it means you'll get both of us involved throughout the entirety of the project. We work side by side (literally sometimes posted up in one of our living rooms), to ensure both of our specifications coordinate and achieve the vision you have for your space.

What We'll Do

By hiring both of our businesses, your project will be designed and planned down to the very last detail. Having both of our perspectives and expertise for every part of your project is what makes our sister services so unique!

A big part of making your project a success is getting to know you, your space, and your vision. We will set up an initial consultation, preferably at the project site, and walk through the project goals. We'll ask all the detailed questions along the way, snap some photos, and take some measurements. From there we'll create a custom Sister Service package so we can tailor our services to the needs of your project. Our goal is always to create a space that YOU will love, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all package. Don't worry, we'll walk you through every detail, every step of the way!


- Closets

- Pantries

- Bedrooms

- Kitchens

- Offices

- Garages

- Bathrooms

- Classrooms/Playrooms

- Space Planning

- Finish Selections

- Furniture + Lighting Procurement

- Style Visioning

- Custom Built-In Design

- Custom Cabinetry Design

- Accessorizing

- Color Schemes

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