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"Where does the name come from?" We get that a lot, but I will never get tired of telling the story! My husband and I both went to The University of Wyoming and there's a little state park nearby called Vedauwoo (pronounced Vee-da-voo). One snowy day in April 2015, Max suggested we get outside and go for a walk in the snow (it had actually been blizzarding all weekend and there was a magical break in the storm - the sun was even shining!). So we bundled up and headed out. We had to park at the entrance since there was so much snow, so we had a bit of a trek to get to the trailhead, but we knew exactly where it was because it's marked by a grove of Aspen trees. Max and I had been marking one of these trees every year on our anniversary so I knew the spot well! As we got closer, I realized there was something more written on our tree: "Will You Marry Me? Once I fully processed what was happening I looked to Max who was on one knee, starting the journey of the rest of our lives! Several years later when I decided to start this business, what better way to honor that moment than to name a business after it!


Hi! I'm Katie, creator and owner of Aspen + Veda. I have always had a passion for helping people create a home they will love, especially through interior design.

After graduating college in 2016 and working as a structural engineer in the field for about a year, I realized what really made me excited was the possibilities of creating spaces that brought joy, comfort, and functionality to people in a tangible way. So, I switched my career path and found myself graduating in 2020 with an Associates in Interior Design.


Now as a Certified Interior Designer and after working in this field for several years, I have the experience and skillset to design your dream home! I have always been a big proponent of designing for the end user (YOU) because you're the one that lives in your home, so we will work as a team but I won't be afraid to push your boundaries and help you broaden your design horizons!

I'm ready if you are! Let's create a home you love!

Max is my right hand-man (aka the hubs). As a mechanical engineer, he knows the ins and outs of pretty much everything and what he doesn't know he picks up really quickly from the Tube.

As far as A+V is concerned, Max is my COO because we're a team and his opinion matters the most to me. He also is super smart and can do those COO things that I don't really want to do! Win-win!

You might see Max occasionally in my stories, at an install, or you might not because he will mostly be BTS. He is responsible for the implementation of our home's beauty, and after doing a complete home remodel together - brains + brawns style - our teamwork can make any dream work.

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