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When you hear of Anchorage you immediately think of adventure too right?! Well not only is it an amazingly adventurous place, it's also now home to an adventurously styled living + dining room!

This client is not afraid of color and I love that this project showcases so much of it! Let's jump right in!

1. Ok first and foremost, I HAVE to talk about this rug. When designing a space, I often look at rugs first to help establish the color scheme. This client had some prints that had a lot of rust/orange/red in them, so when I looked up my usual go-to Amazon brand, Loloi II, and found this GEM it instantly became the focal point of the entire project! When I say adventurous in anchorage, I MEAN adventurous!

2. Next up is this adorable accent table. I love that it's on the larger side and the light wood finish is great to help round-out the space. With a rug that vibrant, it's extremely important to keep the adjacent items complimentary and this table does just that!

3. There's a pretty decent size wall space between this clients' front door and their fireplace in the living room, which is the perfect space to hang the inspiration prints this client had already next to this great ladder! Hanging some throws on it that compliment the colors in the area rug help to make it look intentional and is a unique way to 'store' extra blankies!

4. Next up are these chairs....OMG THE COLOR. It's like these chairs were made to be paired with this rug. I love that they bring out the little bit of navy blue in the rug and the color is deep enough to make it feel like a neutral - in other words, it doesn't compete with the rug and that just makes this designer's heart so happy!

5. Last, but definitely not least, is this art print. First, it can be really difficult (especially with such a specific color scheme) to find art, let alone find art ONLINE. Juniper Print Shop has been a go-to for a lonnnnnggg time and I love that this one is so subtly complimentary to the space overall - it was perfect for the entry niche!

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