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The weekend before last, I was blessed to have the most wonderful baby shower surrounded by friends and family from near and far! I feel so lucky to have had all my best girlfriends come from their homes in Alaska, Washington D.C., Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas to celebrate their soon-to-be niece and I also felt so loved by my mom and sister who have spent so much time and effort leading up to my shower to make it the most absolutely perfect day I could've ever imagined!

As a little backstory, when we found out we were pregnant I obviously wanted to start designing the nursery right away (lol). Atypical of the amount of input I normally let Max have, I actually let him decide on the theme and since then I've felt like it's just a part of Sadie now. He picked "Outerspace" and not only is the nursery going to be absolutely adorable, but we based the shower theme off of that too and it turned out so magical!

Here are some of the items and vendors we used:

1. The first shoutout I have to give is to Pavi's Creations - I've worked with her on a couple other occasions, but this one (obviously) was extra special and she hit it out of the park with her gorgeous charcuterie board that was the perfect amount for the ~30 guests in attendance!

2. Next are these ADORABLE Burt's Bees onesies that were so on-theme. My sister made a little garland with these and some other plain white onesies pinned to a string and it turned out so cute!

3. My sister typed in "holographic party supplies" into Amazon and there were so many perfect options to help us create the perfect pastel outerspace aesthetic! Here's what we used:

4. Last, I have to give major recognition to the amazing photographer who captured all of these precious memories so beautifully! I work with Ashley Linnane Photography all of the time and am truly in awe of how talented she is with her camera. I already have her booked for my maternity shoot and will also be getting on her schedule soon for newborn pictures!

I appreciate your engagement on my socials and support of my content! Follow me on IG:

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