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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

As a designer, I understand the frustrations of more and more items being so readily available for the average Jolene to go out and purchase. Designers have had to really make a massive shift in their approach to clients as technology gets better and manufacturers get smarter about what they’re selling and to who.

On the other hand, as a homeowner (who also happens to know a thing or two about design), I can absolutely appreciate being able to jump on the internet and create a room full of new pieces and get it Prime Delivered.

I've come to accept the fact that the clients who want the nice, quality, custom options that only I can get through Trade accounts will ask for it. Otherwise, there are lots of you out there who can appreciate a designers eye to be able to put together a nice room, but you have no problem adding to your cart on your own.

That's why this week I'm focusing on Amazon Home finds that feel like you're getting that custom feel, but in Prime time.

1. First and honestly foremost, is this brand of area rugs: Loloi II. This is a line from a to-the-trade company that wanted to get on board the technology train and offer products to a wider audience, and I am in no way mad about it. This is my go-to brand for area rugs so I love that they have options for everyone! I especially love this Layla Collection - it's a low-pile and the color is ON POINT.

2. The lighting that's now available on Amazon is AWESOME. I especially love that they have a lot of plug-in options. Lighting is one of the most essential parts to get right in a space, so the more places we have to pick from the better! This mid-century modern piece is so cute and can add a really updated feel to your room.

3. Hardware: the fact that you can get really upscale-looking hardware from Amazon is probably one of my favorite things. Adding or updating hardware on a cabinet or vanity is one of the cheapest ways you can completely transform it! I'm using these knobs and these pulls on a current project - keep your eye out for progress pictures!

4. Vases: you really can't have enough of them! I love the varying heights and shapes of these ones. They add such a pretty element to styling your shelves or tables!

5. Furniture: Honestly Amazon can be hit or miss with furniture so be sure to read alllll the reviews, but I have probably 2-3 main pieces of furniture I've purchased and actually loved from Amazon. I've also had my eye on these leather office chairs since the 'pretty' ones I purchased aren't exactly the most ergonomic for our current WFH lifestyle!

6. This wood pedestal is so cute and trendy right now! Add it on your kitchen counter to hold soaps + sponges or create a styled moment on a shelf with a plant and candle sitting on top!

7. So Amazon was originally a book store, so of course they have alllll the coffee table books you could want! My next splurge will be Made for Living by Amber Lewis (follow her on IG @amberinteriors - I love her style and often draw inspiration from her designs)!

8. Beads: so simple, yet adds such a perfect touch to a styled tray or stack of books. I even have a strand thrown on my dresser next to a candle (I literally put it there to put away at some point) but the more time it sat there the more I decided, 'yep that just belongs there now' because it looks so cute!

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