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One of my favorite designer brands is Rifle Paper Co. Their floral patterns are so upscale and translate to literally any product! Everything is so cute - if I could fill my home and make all my items from Rifle Paper Co., I would - but here are a few of my favorites from their Home Décor section!

1. I did NOT know that they had this cute wireless charger!! Adding to my cart ASAP to get rid of the ugly black one I currently have! You could have this on any surface and it immediately adds interest and becomes a little accessory in and of itself!

2. Next is this area rug - when I say I've love this rug I mean I've loved this rug since it came out and I laid my eyes on it in Las Vegas Market in 2019. I've wanted to save it until I have the perfect spot for it, and it just hasn't presented itself yet, but just you wait!

3. Rifle Paper Co. has a tonnnn of pillow options and I'm honestly here for all of them! It's hard to choose one, but I love this pop of color that this one provides. The embroidery on it is also to die for!

4. A new product Rifle Paper Co. has recently launched is peel-and-stick wallpaper and I'm SO here for it! I love that they have something for everyone and their color schemes are so good! I love this yellow one in the Canopy collection.

5. I feel like I can't not talk about candles...but honestly not sorry 'bout it! I love this pretty one from RPC - anything with lemons will always smell amazing in my book! Even better - they're poured in the US of A!

6. Last item is this adorable recipe tin box, if not for yourself this can be a great gift for a new bride or new homeowner! I love gathering family recipes and to be able to have a cute little tin to put on my counter to hold all my favorite recipes...just sign me up!

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